Uchechi Vivian Ogu Movement

Uchechi Vivian Ogu was a 14-year-old girl murdered in cold blood by hoodlums at her refusal to let them rape her. She hailed from St. Michael’s Parish, Enyiogugu, Mbaise, in Ahiara Diocese, but lived with her parents and siblings in Benin where the sad event took place.

The Catholic Church nationally and globally are interested in promoting her story of standing strong in faith and rejecting sin in the face of danger. She died a model and many publications and films have been made on her heroic virtues with the hope that someday her martyrdom will be universally heralded.

Here, we present you, dear reader, with versions of true stories about her and photos or clips of events marking her annual anniversary by various religious movements dedicated to her cause in order to keep her memory alive.

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